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    Some Rules


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    Some Rules

    Post by ArchDuke on Wed Apr 22, 2009 3:14 pm

    -When your rank is not any of theese: Prince, Fire Mage, Paladin or Knight of Editing you CAN'T take image requests, meaning when someone ask for a graphic you can't show your try, unless you want to post it after the request has been completed.
    -Apliances to have the rank of Knight of Editing will be made in the KoE Apliances topic to be made in the Image Editing category in the forum, theese apliances will be seen by Inquisitors, Fire Mages, Princes or Paladins that will analize and judge if you can be a Knight of Editing or not.
    -Regarding the first rule, if you post an image, your post will be deleted, I or any other Fire Mage or Inquisitor will post the image under their name, but will give you credit for it.

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